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Mediating Family Disputes During Corona Virus Covid 19

Is resolving a family dispute an "essential service" during the Corona Virus Pandemic? Families who are worried about their children during separation, how they'll be safely managed, how their health will be assured, would think so.

Concerns regarding with whom your children come into contact can be particularly worrying with blended families, and contact with grandparents, when you don't know what is happening in the other connected households.

Family Law requires parents to attempt to resolve these matters by mediation / family dispute resolution before they ever go to court. And the court queues will not be getting any shorter.

Traditionally, these alternative dispute resolution were conducted in person.

In these days of social distancing, it may be safer to engage a mediator by phone or video link.

Family Mediation Melbourne now offers, in addition to our existing services, telephone and video link (using Zoom)

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A thought-provoking article was published on 26 March 2020



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