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Anthony Grimes - Family Mediator

Anthony Grimes is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.  Having been in practice as a mediator since 1999, Anthony can assist with a range of disputes.


He also acts as child consultant in family law disputes. In addition, he offers mediation coaching and problem solving for one and clinical supervision for Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

Anthony also offers The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) Trauma Therapy

Anthony brings a wealth of experience across several sectors of public administration and welfare, including government department administration, family law service delivery, and family relationships service delivery and administration.

He utilises co-mediation with a number of experienced female co-mediators.


Safety of clients and children is of paramount importance.  In assessing suitability for mediation, careful attention is paid to the safety of all participants.  That includes a thorough assessment of past and present behaviours and interactions between parties, the health and wellbeing of all participants, including their psychological health, any concerns they may have about mediating with the other parties, any relevant court orders or legal proceedings concerning safety, and the health and wellbeing of any children about whom any mediation is conducted.  Potential participants are encouraged to contact Anthony with any concerns they may have in this regard at any stage of their involvement with this service.

Children’s Matters

Parents are facilitated to consider all aspects of their children’s welfare, what is practicable, and suited to their children’s needs and situation, in making arrangements for their children after separation.

Agreements appropriate to the children’s ages are assisted.  Parents are encouraged to review such agreements as the needs and circumstances change.

Attention is given to how the parents communicate and will communicate in future, how to contain and resolve parental conflict and keep it and its effects well away from children.

Child Inclusive Practice / Child Consultant in Family Law Disputes

This process helps the Voice of the Child to be present in their parents’ mediation.  With the parents’ agreement, a Child Consultant meets with the children, assesses their responses to their parents’ situation, and provides feedback to the parents on issues they should take into consideration when making decisions about their children’s future arrangements.

Anthony trained under Professor Jenn MacIntosh (from Family Transitions) in 2003, with continuous experience since then.  When he is the mediator in a family law matter, Anthony uses the services of a separate Child Consultant.

Property & Financial Matters

Parties are helped to examine needs, contributions and special circumstances, and a range of possibilities, using family law principles, to resolve how they will distribute their assets and debts.

Mediated Agreements, Parenting Plans, Consent Orders & Lawyers

Clients are strongly encouraged to consult their lawyers: if needing to check about proposals whilst negotiating agreements, before agreements are finalized, and to assist the drafting of agreements into Consent Orders for lodging with the Court.

Certificates for Court (Under Section 60 I of the Family Law Act)

Where disputes in children’s matters are unable to be resolved through mediation, a certificate under section 60 I may be requested from the mediator to enable an application to be made to court.

Parent-Adolescent disputes

Inter-generational arguments about a range of issues may be assisted through mediation. These can include homework, chores, manners between the generations, socialising, use of drugs, sex, and other behaviours.  The ‘equalizing’ effect of mediation often appeals to adolescents, and provides the whole family a safe forum to discuss these difficult subjects.

Sibling Disputes

Occasionally older children or adult siblings have disputes that they have been unable to resolve within the family, and need the assistance of a neutral third party to help straighten out deep seated concerns.

Adult Offspring

Relationship ruptures and disputes are not confined to younger children either.  Adult offspring and parents can have a falling out over any number of issues, and it can assist to have a neutral and supportive forum to resolve what can be quite painful concerns.

Family Reconciliation

Following periods of adolescents living out of the home-in supported care, or even having been homeless-families may require a mediator to assist them with the issues of reconnecting with the young person.

Couple Relationship Disputes

Mediation can provide a safe and non-threatening forum to examine a couple relationship that is experiencing distress, and to plan for the future resolution of this distress.  Do we stay together? Do we seek counselling? Do we separate?  How do we deal with our relatives? In-laws?

Elder Care

The care of relatives who may need placement into assisted residential care can be a dilemma for families with aged, infirm or disabled family members.  A dilemma for those who may be moving into the care, and a dilemma for other family members.  The intervention of a mediator can be a useful sounding board where families are in disagreement about any of the aspects of care.  Sometimes, families may require the services of a mediator to intervene when they have concerns that they have been unable to resolve with the provider of residential care about their family member in care.

Workplace & Collegial Disputes

Anthony has over 10 years’ experience in resolving disputes between colleagues, and between colleagues and supervisors, within specific workplaces.  He has also assisted in disputes between professional colleagues who might be operating separately but in the same industry.

The opportunity to discuss concerns with an independent and impartial third party in workplace disputes can enable a fresh perspective to be considered, all issues to be carefully and safely raised and considered, and increase the likelihood of a negotiated outcome.

Clinical Supervision & Mediation Coaching

Anthony has provided clinical supervision to mediators and family dispute resolution practitioners since 2001, enabling them to enhance their practice and resolve practice problems.

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